Non technical: Do I need web hosting for my website?

Aar Rafi Bin Hasnat

Aar Rafi Bin Hasnat

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As daily business digitalization increases, the demand for websites increases dramatically. A website enables organizations to attract visitors, expedite purchases, enhance their credibility, and do much more. The first step for a business to create a website is to purchase a domain; however, the majority of business owners either do not comprehend the necessity for web hosting or do not know why they need it. Today, let's break the nut!

Obtaining the domain name you desire is definitely great news for you! You must keep in mind, though, that everything you see and engage with online requires a space to be visible, to have an identity, and to manifest itself.

Let's begin by you uploading a Facebook profile photo. Your photo consumes space on your phone, correct? Indeed, when you upload it on Facebook or your own personal website, it should require some space too. While Facebook has its own physical server (hosting) that stores your photo in its location for your friends/family to view, your website does not (at least in this scenario). Therefore, it is hard to have a website without installing your own server (at a high cost) or paying considerable money to web hosting businesses that rent out a portion of their expensive physical server.

In a nutshell, your website requires a physical location to store all the data you upload. It could be an article, a photograph, user-friendly text or designs, or anything else. When you own a domain, you merely possess the name. On the other hand, web hosting gives you space to keep your website's data. For example, you can access our website by entering in your browser because we own the domain. If we lacked web hosting, you would not be able to view any content after entering the URL. Want to know what a URL is? It will be covered in a future post!

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