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The client wanted a lead generator for his Skin Care Brand and that’s where we stepped in.

We’ve created two separate product recommendation quizzes for two different types of skin care products that will hook his website visitors into interacting with them.

Upon asking several questions that an esthetician would normally ask a person, the system will ask for their email address in return for the result.

While the system could normally generate the result and provide it to the customers, our client wanted to turn off the automatic product recommendation feature and instead wanted to reach out all by himself.

Well, who wouldn't want to connect with their customers in this relationship era? He'll continue to write personalized recommendation emails to customers until his business grows big, that's when he plans to turn on the auto-recommendation option that's already been set up.

We hope that the client is able to generate great results, as these types of lead generators often have the potential to have a conversion rate of 4%.

We also developed a pop-up to automatically appear on the home screen after a certain period of time, inviting users to the main quiz.

Our client would test the results to see if he sees any improvements in lead generation as a result of this, and we hope that he comes back to ask us for any necessary adjustments that are required.

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