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Roots Bangla - Fruits & Vegetables Exporter

How we helped a company boost sales with a modern website

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Background and Goals

Roots Bangla is a Bangladesh-based vegetable and fruit export company that partnered with our eCommerce development agency to create a modern website that could help them reach a global audience and boost sales. Our team worked closely with Roots Bangla to understand their business needs and create a site that met their goals.

Design and Features

The final website design was minimalist, responsive, and showcased stunning visuals of fresh produce being harvested from the fields of Bangladesh. It highlighted Roots Bangla's offerings and featured an easy-to-use ordering system that allowed customers to choose the type and quantity of produce they wanted and make secure online payments. The site was also optimized for search engines, making it easy for potential customers to find Roots Bangla when searching for specific products.


Since launching the new website, Roots Bangla has experienced significant increases in online traffic and sales. They've expanded their customer base beyond traditional markets and now receive orders from all over the world. The user-friendly interface and optimized SEO have contributed to improved online visibility and customer engagement. The site has helped establish Roots Bangla as a leading exporter of high-quality fruits and vegetables from Bangladesh.


In conclusion, our eCommerce development agency helped Roots Bangla achieve its business goals with a modern and minimalist website. The site has helped Roots Bangla establish a strong online presence and increase sales, expanding its customer base globally. With optimized SEO and an easy-to-use interface, the site has improved customer engagement and established Roots Bangla as a reliable exporter of fresh and high-quality goods from Bangladesh.

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