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Case Study: Revolutionizing the Restaurant Industry - Table Checkout's Journey Towards Digital Transformation


In 2022, our eCommerce web agency, The Run Digital, embarked on a test project called Table Checkout. Recognizing that less than 1% of restaurants in Bangladesh were contactless and fully digitalized, we saw an opportunity to address this gap in the market. Additionally, with the rise of food aggregator platforms, traditional restaurants were struggling to maintain profitability. We aimed to empower restaurant owners by providing them with their own technology and the tools needed to become contactless, taking control of their business operations and reducing dependence on third-party platforms.


Table Checkout was designed as a comprehensive SaaS platform offering white-labeled solutions to restaurant owners. With a range of innovative features, including a live menu accessible via scanning, digital waiter calling, contactless ordering, and an optional built-in POS system eliminating the need for printed receipts, our goal was to digitize the restaurant experience and improve operational efficiency. Notably, we estimated that by encouraging contactless order and payment culture, we could save one tree per month for every large restaurant using Table Checkout, aligning with our commitment to environmental sustainability.

Funding Challenges and Evolution:

While our vision for Table Checkout was strong, the challenges of bootstrapping the project became increasingly demanding. The customer acquisition cost was skyrocketing, and the market was not yet fully ready for this level of digital transformation. After months of operations and various iterations, we made the decision to shift our focus back to our core agency services and sunset the Table Checkout project. Despite receiving several acquisition offers for the technology, we decided to keep Table Checkout close to our hearts, as it held deep sentimental value to us. We wished new competitors entering the market the best of luck, as we believe that a platform like Table Checkout has the potential to improve customer satisfaction, enhance restaurant profitability, and contribute to environmental conservation by reducing paper waste through digital receipts.


Table Checkout stands as a testament to The Run Digital's dedication to innovation and digital transformation. While the project eventually transitioned, its underlying mission to revolutionize the restaurant industry and empower business owners remains significant. At The Run Digital, we understand the unique challenges businesses face and take a personalized approach to develop tailored solutions that drive growth and efficiency. Trust our expertise and commitment to your success as we guide your digital transformation journey. Contact us today to explore how our services can empower your business for a bright and sustainable future.

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