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eCommerce website was run by one of The Run Digital's Co-founders.

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It’s a lighting brand that’s managed by The Run Digital team. It started overnight after I figured out that a cheap alternative to the famous Nanoleaf and former HeliosTouch was available in China. After collecting several samples from different suppliers and then analyzing and comparing each one of them, I found out which one would sell and what needed to be changed.

I requested a 3D model of their design, made some small fixes to increase the durability of the product with the help of an engineer, and then started working with the manufacturer under the special condition that they wouldn’t be allowed to sell it to anyone else in this country.

We created the website and enabled a hyper-marketing system (referral, snowball effect) that’ll keep our customers acquiring new clients for us. We made them brand evangelists by giving them a chance to earn money by promoting us. And that worked out pretty well.

To date, Zrendy has spent 0 bucks on paid marketing. Yet managed to sell off pretty well through one medium only - referrals.

A side hustle that paid off pretty well by teaching us a number of things starting from user behavior, customer purchasing habits, and psychology behind several web tweaks.

We’re planning to get a dedicated team for Zrendy to expand its operations since the test phase worked out pretty well. And, yes, the products, too. Even though we have a three-month replacement policy, we have only received one replacement request as of today! Isn’t it amazing?

- Aar Rafi, Co-founder of The Run Digital.

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