Should I start a SaaS around a particular problem?

Aar Rafi Bin Hasnat

Aar Rafi Bin Hasnat

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2 by 2 matrix for SaaS business

RE: Is the problem you are trying to solve big and frequent enough that it is viable to build a SaaS around it? Let's use the 2x2 metric provided above to determine it.

Big & Infrequent - a massive pain when it occurs, but the frequency is low. It is a pleasant location for a SaaS to be! Travel planning and financial reporting are two examples.

Small & Frequent - Not a major issue, but as it occurs too frequently, it becomes problematic. Examples - Expense tracking, and data visualization (could be solved through SaaS).

(A short tip/observation: if organizations still use Excel too often to solve a certain problem, but your SaaS offers a solution, you're probably on the right track.)

Large and frequent - the ideal location to be! Project Management (tool) is a great example of this one.

Small and infrequent - not worth attending.

Important points:

- Some problems are not worth solving.
- Dogfooding is one of the most effective techniques to shape your SaaS product. If not, consider getting some early adopters/test users.

The next time you think of starting a SaaS business, consider looking into these metric systems. This way, you’ll be able to “take decisions from a state of awareness, and not ignorance.”

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