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Dr. Love's Supplements eCommerce Success

From Organic Sales to Exponential Growth. The story of Neuroscientist Dr. Robert Love, Ph.D. Founder @ The Better Memory System.


We had the pleasure of working with Dr. Robert Love, Ph.D., the founder of Dr. Love's Supplements, on the development of the flagship Roar Lion's Mane website. The client tasked us with creating an eCommerce website that would sell their line of supplements designed to improve memory, reduce the risk of Alzheimer's by developing new brain cells, and other such benefits.

We began by thoroughly understanding the target market and its needs and then highlighting those parts on the website visually. Furthermore, based on our research, we created a user-friendly website with easy navigation and persuasive call-to-actions (CTAs), ensuring that visitors can quickly and seamlessly purchase the supplements.

The first time we worked together was about 3 years ago; they helped me fix my supplements store. This past year, over the past 12 months, they helped me build three websites as well as a buying process that's really good. They manage the website for me and most recently, they've been setting up my websites so I can run ads on them.

- Dr. Robert Love, PhD - Reached 100K/monthly sales (all organic), Founder @ The Better Memory System.

After the successful launch of the site, along with automated shipping, and order processing integration, the flagship site under Dr. Love's brand was able to generate around 50K revenue monthly, all organic.

The checkout page was a crucial aspect of the website, and we put in a lot of effort to make it as user-friendly and optimized as possible to ensure a low checkout abandonment.

We got rid of the cart page, so there's less friction while making the purchase. We also simplified the checkout fields and employed multiple payment gateways to make it easy for a potential customer to purchase the product.

One of the most notable features we implemented is the countdown timer, which tells the visitor that the order has been reserved for the person for 10 mins, after which the person will not get to avail of the special offer (e.g., Buy 2, Get 6) for the supplements. This feature created a sense of urgency among the visitors, encouraging them to complete their purchase.

What's more fascinating is that the Roar Lion's Mane store has a whopping 30% conversion rate. Which is obviously because of the quality of leads that come into the store, plus a reflection of our hard work in building an aggressive store designed to generate sales!

Currently, there are 3 sites in total under Dr. Love's brand, and they all follow a similar website structure and checkout process and are able to generate around 90K/month revenue (all organic, thanks to his 1.2M followers on TikTok) for Dr. Love.

Dr. Love recently partnered up with ThinkJuice (marketing agency), America’s leading 105th Private Corp (Inc, 2021), to manage paid campaigns for them. We hope to see exponential growth in Dr. Love's brand after this partnership since the brand has already shown an excellent sales track record, and I repeat, all organic!

We're currently managing his stores, analyzing web behaviors, taking care of security measures, fixing bugs, etc. We aspire to move Dr. Love's stores to Headless soon so the brand can harness the power of Headless and can improve the website's conversion rate drastically!

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