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Separate B2C & B2B hybrid solution and SEO optimization for Meramedica.


Based in Sweden, Meramedica is a medical service provider specializing in beautification and pain treatment.

Besides providing services, the business sells medical equipment to mass consumers and other companies.

While Meramedica had a decent website, it needed to distinguish B2C and B2B consumers to offer personalized experiences. Starting from price differences to order processes, their existing sophisticated system required an upgrade in the UX for both the end-users as well as the admins.

To tackle this challenge, our team undertook necessary changes to make the B2B application, approval, and order processing steps smooth and seamless. We also worked on improving critical aspects of the website, such as speed and SEO. Furthermore, we implemented a feature that displayed different texts to B2B and B2C users, ensuring that each group had access to tailored information on product pages.

The project was handed over by Basil from Meramedica to us and ended with satisfactory delivery in 2019. Our efforts positively impacted the user experience for both end-users and admins and helped Meramedica establish a solid foothold in the highly competitive medical industry.

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