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Developed eCommerce website, provided training & uploaded their mobile app to Google Play.

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Novo Energy approached us with the dream of having a multi-vendor eCommerce business, but little did they know about how everything would work out except for having a strong supply chain. So how did it go?

They now have 26+ merchants, 800+ brands, 1000+ categories, and 10,000+ products. all of that in less than 18 months!

Here’s what we did:

1. We developed a multi-vendor eCommerce website for them, which now has on average a 15% QoQ growth!

2. Created and uploaded a mobile application to the Google Play Store.

3. Provided training to their founding team on how to manage the eCommerce platform.

4. Set up a marketing and commerce team for them.

5. They created social media profiles, and their Facebook page now has 355K followers.

6. Indexed their website across multiple search engines.

That’s the story of one of our successful clients that’s happily doing business in the local market. a team that started with no prior experience in how technology and modern marketing work to create a strong brand that generates handsome revenue for them.

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