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Delivering Success: Empowering Novo Energy's Multi-Vendor eCommerce Journey.


When Novo Energy approached us with their vision of creating a multi-vendor eCommerce business, they faced several challenges. They needed a platform that could seamlessly accommodate a large number of merchants, brands, and products across various categories. Additionally, they required advanced features to enhance user experience and drive organic traffic to their website. Novo Energy also sought guidance in setting up dedicated marketing and commerce teams to support their business growth. They turned to our eCommerce Web Agency for expert guidance and execution.


At The Run Digital, we embraced Novo Energy's vision as their technology partner, and worked closely with their founding team to develop a robust and user-friendly multi-vendor website from scratch. Our approach encompassed various key strategies that enabled Novo Energy's eCommerce business to thrive.

User-Friendly Multi-Vendor Website:
Understanding Novo Energy's unique requirements, we meticulously built a user-friendly platform that could accommodate multiple merchants, thousands of products & categories, various user types, etc. Throughout the development process, we actively listened to Novo Energy's feedback and made necessary adjustments to meet their expectations. The result was a fully customized and scalable eCommerce solution that was tailored to their specific needs.

Advanced Features for Optimal User Experience:
To ensure an exceptional user experience, we implemented advanced features such as product reviews, ratings, filters, and search suggestions. These enhancements empowered users to find and evaluate products easily, leading to increased customer satisfaction and higher engagement. Our SEO experts also optimized the website to improve its visibility across multiple search engines, driving organic traffic and boosting Novo Energy's online presence.

Mobile Application Development and Reach Expansion:
Recognizing the importance of mobile accessibility, we developed a mobile application for Novo Energy, which was successfully uploaded to the Google Play Store. This extension maximized their reach and allowed customers to conveniently browse and make purchases from their smartphones. By embracing multi-platform accessibility, Novo Energy significantly expanded their customer base and improved overall sales.

Collaboration, Training, and Team Development:
Novo Energy's cooperative mentality and eagerness to learn played a vital role in the project's success. We collaborated closely with their team, fostering regular communication and quickly adapting our strategies based on their feedback. In addition, we provided comprehensive training sessions to Novo Energy's team members, equipping them with the knowledge and skills to effectively manage their eCommerce platform. We also assisted them in setting up dedicated marketing and commerce teams, which contributed to overall business growth. Now they have a small technical team of their own who are managing the website.

Thrive and Revenue Generation:
Thanks to Novo Energy's commitment and seamless teamwork with our agency, they have become a thriving multi-vendor eCommerce business, generating impressive revenue. Their strong supply chain, combined with our expertise in website development and digital marketing, have propelled Novo Energy to success in a highly competitive market. Their Facebook presence, with 355K followers, further exemplifies their rapid growth and audience engagement.


Apart from the huge followers, thousands of processed orders, etc. Novo Energy could accommodate over 26 merchants, featuring 800+ brands and 10,000+ products across 1000+ categories on their multi-vendor eCommerce site.


Working with Novo Energy on their multi-vendor eCommerce project was nothing short of inspiring. Our eCommerce Web Agency empowered and supported their vision from ideation to implementation, resulting in a user-friendly platform that drives revenue and provides a delightful shopping experience. We are proud to have partnered with such a committed and passionate group of individuals who trusted our expertise and embraced teamwork. If you're looking to build or enhance your eCommerce business, contact us today, and let us help you achieve remarkable success!

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